Accommodation and catering establishments are a major or very important business segment for many companies. Did you know that there are over 50,000 such establishments in the Czech Republic alone? We will show you how to use the potential of this segment 100% thanks to a specialized acquisition map created in Corpis Maps, which also serves business management and merchants!


Managerial view of business data

If you want to commercially address establishments from the HoReCa segment, you will need quality and, most importantly, up-to-date data. And that’s exactly what you will find in Corpis Maps thanks to the exclusive cooperation with the leader in this field – the company SharpGrid! When you view HoReCa data in Corpis Maps, you will immediately see clear management statistics. You will find out how many establishments there are in the districts and regions of the Czech Republic (SK, PL) and also in individual categories, which include restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and other types of establishments. If necessary, only those locations that are not your existing customers can be displayed on the map.


Business activity in the field and gaining new clients

The task of a trader is simple with the use of Corpis Maps. The same map allows Waze to navigate and record meeting information on any device. All you have to do is select a point on the map and click on “Navigate to establishment” in the expanded info panel. After the meeting, the trader fills in the required information about the meeting (they are tailored to your requirements), such as the trader’s name from the list, the date of the meeting, the result of the meeting, competing products, a note and more. After saving, the point on the map will be colored according to the result of the meeting.


Managerial evaluation of business activities and data export

The ongoing and overall evaluation of the project by the sales management is also simple. You still use the same map, where you can now see all the important statistics in the filters. In a few clicks, you will get answers to key questions: How many meetings ended in success? In which segments do you manage to gain the most customers and where not? Which trader is doing best and can help the less successful? Customers which competitors pass to you the most and who do not? In addition, you can export all data from the project in CSV format and continue to use it.




Are you interested in the acquisition map of the HoReCa segment? Contact us. You can have it in one week. Take this opportunity and get the market on your side 👍