Corpis Maps

Managerial Maps For Your Important Decisions

Corpis Maps assists executives and managers, from private firms and public agencies, in making more informed decisions using maps made from corporate data. This, and much more. 

Where corpis maps helps?

Private and Govt. Sector

Corpis Maps helps managers and executives with critical and strategic decisions. These decisions have a direct impact on the future of their organization, related entities or the public, so that they are made from large amount of data. Every organization has around 80% of this kind of data, so almost every decision can be supported by information from managerial maps.


Public Safety


and more

*These are just examples, your own maps will be created based on your data and needs.

sales team efficiency

Sales Team Efficiency Increase

  • Do you know where your sales team is active the most?
  • Do you focus on the most interesting customer segments?
  • Do you visit your customers equally in the whole sales region?

Corpis Maps will answer these (and much more) questions in a few clicks. A spreadsheet containing the data about customer visits is just an entrance gate to truly important informations that you can find only in managerial maps.

Sales potential

Sales Potential Map


  • Do you know your sales potential?
  • Do you know where you can get the largest number of your business partners and customers?
  • Do you want to expand your sales territory, but not sure where?

Corpis Maps provides these key information in a very clear and understandable way, so you will immediately know, what sales region has the highest growth potential and where you should rather focus on holding and protecting your current position.

customers and projects

Analysis of Business Cases and Competitors’ Activity

  • Do you know where are your most active customers from particular segments?
  • Are they located in the whole sales region or concentrated just in some locations?
  • Where do you have the largest number of sales opportunities and projects?
  • Where do you lose sales oportunities or tenders most often?

There are plenty of questions and managerial maps provide the most comprehensive answer to all of them. You can simply and quickly get information you need to make a responsible decision.  


Create Your Own Maps


Corpis Maps Studio is a very intuitive visual configuration tool enabling creation of rich managerial maps. Create a map from your business data, it is easy. Configuration of a map is stored in just one file that can be edited (add or remove functionality) as often as you need.

data security

Exceptional Data Security

Security of business data is extremely important and it is our highest priority to keep your data 100% secured. How do we do it? We simply never touch your data – we don’t download it from your servers, we don’t process it in the cloud. Your data never leave your secured company network.

Corpis Maps Security Diagram

Key Features

Simple Map Creation

100% Data Security

Global Availability

GeoEnrichment Support


Analytical Filters

Detailed Searching

Custom Sales Regions

IS (CRM, ..) integration