Corpis Maps analytics maps are a tool designed for business teams. They are used by companies of all sizes, industries and number of sales representatives. Get inspired by how Corpis Maps is used by the customer to whom we are handing out maps for the business team right now: 

An issue that was resolved on the client using Corpis Maps

The company is thriving and the number of pending business cases is growing rapidly. The company’s management sales representatives stopped having an overview of the status of business cases in the Czech Republic.

The created map aims to show everything essential in a few clicks. It shows the phases of individual business cases (from the first contact to the finished implementation), aggregation of cases by districts and regions. Everything is complemented by filters with fast statistics, where you can immediately see, for example, how many clients have received an offer and how many are currently implementing the project. It includes automatic updating of data from a spreadsheet in Google Sheets using the Corpis Maps Connector.


Sample map


Unfortunately, we cannot show you a real map of the client. However, you can look at a demo map with a similar topic “Open business cases”.

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